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Public Records Request

An agency is not required to provide records in a format that it is not presently being used by the agency. For example, an agency is not required to produce a document on a floppy disc if they are no longer using floppies in their organization and do not have a means of creating one. When a public record contains both non-exempt and exempt information the agency is required by State Law to redact remove the information which is exempt from public access.

These charges and guidelines are set in the Florida Statutes [Ch. The term "Extensive Use" is not defined in the Florida Statutes and it is left up to each agency to determine what that definition is.


An agency, in general, cannot charge for mere inspection of public records. However, an agency does have the right to have a supervisor present while the records are being inspected to ensure that no records are damaged. And if that supervision requires extensive use of its resources then an agency may charge an "Extensive Use" fee for the supervisor's time or resources. Public Records And You!

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The Washington State Public Records Act, enacted in , guarantees citizens of our state transparency and complete access to government records. Any record created by an employee or representative of the state as part of their official duties or using state resources is a potential public record. Read the full text of the act. Within five business day of receipt of the request, you will either receive the record or will be contacted in writing.

Written responses will be to acknowledge the request and provide a date the records will be available, to deny the request with an explanation of the denial, or to ask for further clarification. Please keep in mind the College's response time will depend on the number of public record requests being processed by the College, how many records are responsive to the request, how old the records being requested are, and how specific the request is. Public Records

For large requests, the College may provide documents to citizens on an installment basis. There is no charge for inspection and review of records. Citizens are welcome to contact the Public Records Officer to set-up a time during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm, for such a review.

If a copy of the record is requested, the College will charge 15c per page.

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  6. Documents will not be released prior to payment. The Public Record Law has few exemptions that are generally narrowly interpreted. All records are considered public unless a specific exemption can be cited. The College is also bound by the provisions of several other Acts which may prevent the release of certain records.

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    Read the administrative code on applicable exemptions or contact the College's Public Records Officer.